Introducing Teacher Klaire Aw…


I started teaching and guiding students more than 15 years ago beginning with family and close friends. Soon, my reputation of being able to motivate and guiding the students to score spread. I find joy in imparting my knowledge and skills to the future generation.  I love to teach children, seeing them getting more confident in themselves and guiding them in the path to their bright future. 

My students have all improved in both academically and physically. Not only do I guide them through their knowledge of different subjects, I also emphasis on the importance of a good health. I have always enjoy running. Running allows me to challenge myself. Running is not about being the fastest, being the first. It is about beating your own record every time you run, you are beating yourself.  Sometimes I will bring them for a fun and interesting workout teaching them the importance of  perseverance in the face of hardship.I always believe that a healthy body will have a healthy mind.

My lessons are fun and interesting as I incorporate  different approaches to make the students have a better understanding in the subjects. We have card games and stories times to improve Chinese, experiments for science and various methods for various maths questions. During holidays, students will be brought out for various excursions to widen their knowledge away from textbooks. 

Our centre provides a friendly and warm environment to the students with a well-blend of studies and fun. “All work no play, makes Jack a dull boy”, outings and excursions constantly organized to introduce the students to the knowledge of the outside world. Working together as a team, learning and helping one another is the way to be ahead.

We believe that very child is unique, just like snowflake-no two are alike, so are our lessons.

Introducing SuperTutor Laura Oh…


I started my teaching career back in 1997 by conducting creative lessons and science camps for a variety educational institution while self-financing my way through my higher education I found teaching a gratifying and highly motivational career especially when students under my charge produced results.
In 2002 I was awarded a prestigious scholarship to an internship program in Australia where I was attached to CSIRO whilst studying in NTU, I pride myself with my extensive knowledge of Triple science subjects based on my major in Biomaterials, polymer, nano technology. I was awarded the most prestigious Mathematics award by outshining my peers in my cohort. I consequently graduated with honors from the Materials Engineering faculty. I have conducted extensive creative lessons with various well known schools and tuition centres namely, St Andrews Primary, St Margaret Primary, ACS Primary, Nan Hua Primary, St Hilda’s Primary, Pei Hua Primary to name a few.
I played an important role in the set up of student care centre and was involved actively with the development and planning of lessons. I also played active roles in the management and implementation of other various educational related projects. Students under my charge have consistently scored As and achieved merit related awards in their respective institutions. I have since been featured in various local newspapers and TV programs.
I continue to believe strongly that education is not just an academic process but a lifelong experience that has to be consistently relished and treasured. I will continue to devote my efforts to ensure that all students under my care continue to receive top notch materials and lessons that I personally engineer to suit individual needs. In A.C.T.S. we continue to hold the belief that no two kids are the same and like snowflakes, as God created all of us uniquely.
Signing Off,
Supertutor Laura Oh

Testimonial Video is up and running!

Hi Everyone!

we have just uploaded 3 testimonial videos of our students on our Testimonial Video Page!  and in it, you will get to hear about their views and how they feel about having tuition with us! Do enjoy the videos!

Amzar’s Testimonial

Nadia’s Testimonial

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