Editor’s Note Oct 2014

Dear friends, students and parents.

It’s with my greatest pride to inform you that another exciting month has arrived. I constantly make sure that TEAM-ACTS has again our greatest reward-that would be the results of our students. As I watch my team pin up result after result, I know once again our techniques continue to lead kids to success. TEAM-ACTS was founded on the very principle that students under our leadership must excel and become leaders themselves.

Adults are complex creatures. Extremely hard to understand. It’s a lot easier for me to explain what makes a successful student than to explain how to create a successful adult. However, one thing definite, a good student will definitely become a successful adult. Never the other way around.

In my quest to improve the lives and results of students, I constantly reflect what lies ahead of us. In the months ahead, I will be ensuring that our kids will continue to shine. Project Atoll will be an upcoming charitable drive carried out by our team. I have authorized TEAM-ACTS the use of a private yacht from which underprivileged kids together with their favorite local stars will have a day of fun in a nice secluded sandy lagoon right here in Singapore.

We continue to use talents and wherever we can find them, they remain our biggest assets. I like to wish every child the biggest success. Remember this is your moment in life. Bon Voyage!

Workshops on ALVINA

An exciting workshop concluded ACTS student activities on board Alvina. During the stay at Alvina, students participated in team building activities, swimming and many other exciting experiences like jumping off the bow of the boat.New friendships were created as students found new things in common with their peers. Teacher Laura always ensures that such workshops carry a mix of education, life skills and other important lessons that kids would remember in the years to come.Kids were taught that in any organization a good team player is many more times valuable that a merely good player. Kids learn that a single player is a stick that can be broken easily. Take a bundle of sticks and tie them together they become impossible to be broken.

SuperTutor Laura Oh

Booster Class!



This September holidays were an extremely exciting and challenging period for everyone-students and teachers in All Ace Tuition Centre. We had our booster classes for all our students to boost them for the upcoming major examinations.

Students stayed for ½ or ¾ day daily to prepare themselves, clear their doubts and have all their queries answered.  Parents saw that their children gain more understanding from the booster classes than spending time idling at home during the holidays.

Practice papers, experiments were carried out to enhance and reinforce the understanding of the concept. Everyone had a fun time challenging themselves. See you all again for the next booster classes.

Teacher Claire.

Booster Class during September Holidays’ 2014

Team ACTS is offering Booster Class during the September Holidays of 2014. Its the best time to boost your child results with our different range of booster classes.

To cater to the needs of each and individual students, we provide different types of materials and methodologies for each subjects that would help individual students to better understand their work by clearing their doubts, especially helping the weaker students to improve in the shortest period of time possible while going ahead to push those better ones at work to excel better to score A’s/ Distinction.

At the same time while working with them, we help to boost their confidence in their work because we believe that every child will excel and shine and achieve what they want if they are given the proper guidance and motivation. Every child deserve a chance to excel and we will be there to help them stretch to their full potential.

For more information, feel free to give us a call.