Financial Literacy Course

Being knowledgeable of one’s finance at a young age is getting vital in this fast pace society. Teaching your young ones what is financial literacy and how to maximize their income in future is a good solid foundation to a head start of being financial freedom at a young age in their future. What is income? What can you do to your income to “grow” it?  Given a small sum of money, the students are put to a test by giving them a list of items to be purchased. The team that returns with the most amount of items wins the challenge. Brain storm sessions are held during the 3 days course whereby after which the students are given a week to grow a fixed amount of money through selling items or offering their services.

Want your child to have a lead above the rest? Join our financial literacy course today!

Teacher Klaire Aw

Motivation Camp

One of the largest problems kids face is a lack of motivation. Let your child join us for an exciting time with SuperTutor Laura as she takes you on a journey to improve your child’s motivation. Students who have previously attended her motivational classes have recalled having a boost in their grades and academic performances. We will teach your child how to “fall in love” with a subject because from research done, children who do well in a particular subject have a great love for the teacher and the content of the subject itself. We look forward to seeing your child!

Super Tutor Laura Oh

Editor’s Note Nov 2014

Once again I like to take the opportunity to thank all our customers for their continuous support.

This month saw the opening of the new Seng Kang Outlet. Teacher Michelle our latest addition to our team and I like to welcome her to our family. She specializes in humanities but is able to take on any subject.

Congratulations  to super tutor Laura for once against being featured as the top 5 tutors in Singapore and teacher Anna and teacher Klaire for kicking off a new program to help kids save money and start their mini businesses. As we go forward into the next few issues, articles with tips on money management and time management is going to be in issue.

I like to wish all your families a happy Christmas and may your dreams be fulfilled and may you see many decades more of Christmas with all your families.

Team ACTS director
Alvin Chia