NOTICE : ACTIVE MINDS TUITION is not affiliated to us.

NOTICE : ACTIVE MINDS TUITION is not affiliated to us.

Students and parents alike have brought to our attention this company mirroring content from our Company site on her website. This website is maintained by an individual who approached our company voluntarily seeking advice on opening a tuition center in October 2014. She commenced teaching at our centers but due  to the massive amounts of complaint from both her Colleagues and customers we had to discontinue all dealings with her. Her last date working together was in December 22 2014. Before she commenced she assured us she has resigned and she is in full compliance with MOE’s laws on moonlighting(which we won’t want to breach). We have sent an enquiry to the educational ministry and is currently awaiting their advice. All students be advised that although mirroring info from our sites is found on this website, we have ceased all dealings and do not endorse the use of our content on this site.


Our team consist only of teachers who have won numerous awards and been featured extensively in the press. Parents should feel free to ask for our articles, credentials and awards. As we move forward we continue to put our students first and will not hesitate to replace any teachers upon request should the complaint be found to be valid. We aim to always have a 95% of our students scoring “A”s.


Further investigations have revealed that the company is not even registered under ACRA. It is illegal to run any form of business without proper registration. We like to thank our students for their support and to remind them to always demand from their  teachers all their relevant certificates, articles and awards. A signed list of complains by various parents is being complied and any further feedbacks or reviews is appreciated.

Breaking camp…

3 days 2 nights of camp on our company’s yacht left our kids with a new spark in their new phase of life. The kids undergone a 24 obstacles course, spent an afternoon jumping off the the deck of the yacht at the nearby island of Lazarus. Life is never boring and never the same.  Kids were educated with new insights and values towards their life where there is nothing in this world that is “I cannot” and “I am unable”. There is a solution for everything and as long as you keep trying you would reach your goals one day!


God bless everyone and have a Happy New Year.


SuperTutor Laura Oh

PSLE Results

A big pat on the backs of all our Primary 6 students in Team ACTS centres for making the smooth transition to the secondary school! 96.3% of our students scored A and our top scorer is Harold Tan from ACS (Junior) with a T-score of 275. A total of 30 students scoring 250 and above, 13 students made extremely good progress and were awarded good progress award and bursary from MOE. Congratulations to all our students, your whole year of hard work have paid off! Enjoy the fruit of your labor and get ready to embark on the next phase of life-secondary school.

Teachers from Team ACTS wish all our students all the best in their future path and will assist them to bridge smoothly into secondary One in 2015.

Wishing all parents and students a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Teacher Klaire.

Bridging Programmes

Hi parents!

It is coming to the end of 2014 and we are heading towards a new year again.

For the past two month, we have been helping our students to cope with the new syllabus and bridging them across to the new topics that they will be facing for next year. There are students who met with some difficulties along the way as they are still not used to it, but with our help and proper guidance, they are able to grasp the concept. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for us to explain as long as they are able to understand and apply the concept in the end.

With the edited new syllabus materials endorse by super tutor Laura Oh, it gets even easier for the kids as they are able to practice what they learnt with us and apply it into the questions in the practice papers given to them. These papers are proven to be able to help the kids over the years and we believe it will work its magic this year again.

An advanced merry Christmas and happy new year to all of you!!!


Editor’s note Dec 2014

Dear friends, students and parents,

The year 2014 is coming to an end and team ACTS is proud to announce that 96.3% of our PSLE students scored A for the 2014 PSLE. Congratulations to Harold Tan from ACS (Junior) with a T-score of 275. 40% of our students received good progress awards and 20% of them are awarded scholarships from MOE. Well done to all students and we are extremely proud of you.

For the month of December, bridging programs for all levels are ongoing to prepare our students for the new year ahead. New syllabus materials have  been prepared by Super tutor Laura for our students to practice and apply the new concepts that have been taught.

Let’s welcome the new year with a brand new head start, work hard and smart towards your goal. Believe in yourself that you can do it and you will.

I like to wish every family a Happy New Year and God bless.


Team ACTS director

Alvin Chia