Editor’s Note Jan’2015

The year of 2014 has closed and we are proud to announce that our students under Our centers have performed above our expectations. 96.3% of of the registered subjects had an “A” and above rating. This includes secondary level A1s and A2s.

As we move into the year 2015, I like to announce the enrollment for classes in 2015 has began. This would include special classes that cater to students entering secondary or junior college and we are preparing our students for the rigors ahead. For many students its a big jump from doing and performing well in 4 subjects to excelling in 9 subjects at a secondary level. This can present itself as a challenge. Our teachers and trainers are of the highest quality and have assisted students over a decade in overcoming this challenge.

Special thanks and my highest regards goes to SuperTutor Laura Oh from ACTs and teacher Klaire Aw from ALL ACE for making good results a reality for our students. These teachers constitute Team ACTs and it’s their personal vision to help all students who have come seeking help.

I like to wish all our students and friends a happy new year and also a happy Chinese New Year. May this year bring fortunes and results for our little ones.

Crossing over from Pri to Sec

Moving from primary school life to a secondary school life is a big change to a student. It’s like crossing from a pond to a river, whereby things are at a faster pace with more subjects and longer school hours to handle. With an additional of 4-5 new subjects, a 13 year old child will need to know how to manage his or her time well so that he or she can juggle both academically and physically. Reading and planning ahead of the topic will allow the student to grasp the new subject better, constant practicing for math and ¬†listening attentively in class. ¬†Ask questions if you are in doubt, keep a planner to record and plan your daily revision. Don’t wait till the last minute as there are more work and CCA commitment.

Secondary school life is one that will be fun and rewarding. Enjoy the new change in life, play hard and study hard too!!!!