Team A.C.T.S update

Happy Chinese New Year to all parents and students.  February has been a busy month for the students in Team ACTS as everybody is gearing up for the upcoming CAs or CT. Preparations had been ongoing since the beginning of the month to get all the students to be well-equipped for the tests. Revision classes have been going full force and students are seems improving as the days go by. Be confident and believe in yourself, you can achieve your goals. On behalf on Team ACTS, wishing everyone a prosperity year and blessed health.

Amazing results and receiving awards from MOE

Year 2014 was a wonderful year and it ended off sweet and lovely with more than 96.3% of our students scoring As, with most of them getting Edusave Award, Eagle Awards, Topping the school and not forgetting majority of them getting the Good Progress Award from the MOE.

All these awards served to recognise our students to emerge as the top of the cream after receiving customized tutoring programs from us.  Scoring an A is easy but to maintain it is definitely not an easy feat.  Yet, in ACTS, it is a common sight to be seen and gone are the days whereby you would only see yourself as the bottom few.  As you would definitely soar up high to be a real eagle to achieve greater heights.

Baking with the kids and CT for the secondary level

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

Its gonna be an awesome goat year ahead! My partners and I would like to wish everyone Gong Xi Fa Cai, Wan Shi Ru Yi.

We prepared a few baking sessions with our kids to bake Chinese New Year Goodies, Its the first time we are introducing such classes to the students to get them interested and get to know about the science behind baking the goodies that they eat, the kids were elated and realised that baking is not easy but its filled with so much fun and work, end results for them was satisfying as when the cookies were done baking, they were jumping for joy to see their fruits of labour.

Common test is ongoing for all my secondary level students. the students are coping and adapting very well to the new syllabus. Though met with some obstacles as some of the students are so used to the old syllabus, hard work and effort paid off and the results were wunderbar(wonderful in german) !!! 95% of all the students scored A1 and we are very confident looking forward to SA1 in April/May 2015. we would like to thank parents for their continuing support and confidence towards us.

Editor’s Note Feb’2015

Dear parents and students,

Happy Chinese New Year to all parents and students alike. The parents of all students this month who scored “A”s back in January would be basking in pride to know that scoring an “A” means remaining in the elite few that will spear head our centers success and their own future as an elite.

To score an “A” is to excel at something. The satisfaction of knowing you have not just passed the test that life flings at you but also trashing the papers with distinction. What is life without success? Team ACTS remains committed to helping ur child in scoring goal after goal.

Life is never fair. Life will throw whatever it likes at You however you will continue to overcome all challenges and my team remains dedicated to help you overcome all challenges.


Alvin Chia

Editor, Founder of Team ACTS