Puzzles, games and mini math challenge


Hi Parents!

To get our students thinking out of the box, we have recently introduced a 5 minute puzzle/IQ game for our students to during classes! They can take this opportunity to have a break and enjoy themselves at the same time by solving some difficult puzzles which they love! The student who completes the puzzle first scores 10 points and we have a system where the student who first scores 100 points wins a surprise gift! The mini math challenge requires students to complete the sums on time and do as many questions as possible, most of these questions that are being used to test in the game with them are questions we took out from the most current math syllabus following MOE. In a way, we are trying to get the students to fall in love with doing mathematics in a fun way! They have never not looked forward to every session’s challenge and are always competing with one another to do better. it has indeed made the class more interesting and fun and kids are always all ready for the challenge. We will be introducing some other subjects mini challenge in class to allow kids to learn in an interesting way!



Using Different Methods to learn Chinese

Learning a language requiring constant usage and practicing in order to be fluent in one. Picking up Chinese or teaching it to a child can be enhanced by using various interesting methods. Students at All-Ace learn the Chinese language through games and drama. Playing guess the word games with the students allow them to come into contact with words and sentences  commonly used daily. This will improve their oral and word recognition skills in addition to the fun the students will enjoy. Acting out improve the student’s ability in memorizing and this in turn boost one’s confidence level. We always encourage students to read, speak and write to boost their love for the Chinese language.

With these in mind, we wish all the students good luck to the up coming SA1.

Teacher Klaire.

How to get kids to be interested in learning Eng?


Interest in learning English?  Any takers?

Language itself is a form of communication.  The main reason which hinders the preference of anything, let alone language is being forced to do it out of obligation.

At ACTS, we nurture our kids to fall in love with the language by cultivating the interest and love in expressing.  We share wonderful stories and guide them how to express their ideas to write good essays.  Materializing their bits and pieces of castle which they build in the air into a lovely blockbuster movies on paper. Once the kids learned to express themselves beautifully, it’ll motivate them to write better essays and in turn, interest in learning and appreciating the language.