April 2015 Editors’ Note

Dear Parents and students,

The exams are around the corner. This is a period where most of you as parents would be expecting the most from your children’s academics. From our long decades of educating students we have always worked hand in hand alongside any student who is truly motivated in working with us. There is an adage that tells of the horse being dragged to the waters but it has to drink willingly or all the effort is for naught.

It is our emphasis to all our students that this period would be a time they must refrain from late nights, playing computer games and any addicting activity that takes up loads of their time leaving them little room to revise. We have came up with a series of mock test and exams for your child that is a huge cut above the standard of their schools. We always make it clear to our students that it’s perfectly fine to fail and find out what went wrong during our mock test rather than go to school and live the real jeopardy. In fact our mock test are designed to bring out the common mistakes students often make and we encourage them to feel free to make as much mistakes as possible so long as they leave the class only if the teacher is convinced they have learned and never would repeat the errors.

I wish all parents and students the best of results and success. May your life be a true reflection of your potential!
Alvin Chia

Editor, Founder of Team ACTS

Alvin Chia is the winner of the successful entrepreneur award. He is the founder of several award winning  tuition and academic centers and continue to work with children with 14 years of experience under his belt. He can be contacted at erdnase666@yahoo.com.sg