DREAM 2015

Dear Parents and Students,

A.C.T.S Essay Writing Competition returns in 2015 with a bigger BANG and bigger prizes! Abigail Lee of Ngee Ann Secondary School outshone all the thousands of entries and emerged as the top winner in 2014. This year, 2015, the competition returns as DREAM 2015. With various themes being launched every fortnightly, it will be an awesome writing challenge for the avid writer in you. Entering quarter-finals and semi-final before finally landing in the final two. Prizes worth more than $30,000 awaiting for you to be won. Send in your best essay you can compose in less than 1000 words and emerge as Singapore Young Writer. We want to hear about your dream, so watch out for the big launch this coming June.

2015 SA1 Results

Once again, its the period whereby you either rejoice with your fruit of labour or sulking with great regrets that you should had been more careful when you pen down your answers during your exams.

Nonetheless, there is always greater sound of rejoicing than remorse in TEAM ACTS.  We did it again! Improving slightly from 95.3% to 95.5% of our students doing well in their SA1.
One of our students, Clara Teng, Sec 2, she started about 9 months ago with us, with average Bs for both her Maths and Science. After 9 months of training with us, she came back with A1s for both her maths and science for her recent SA1 and top the school within top 15%.

“Yep! Credits also go to you Cher for coaching me and guiding me to score my As.  Thank you for not giving up in me and helping me to acheive my As.  Clara Teng, Sec 2, Dunman Sec”

As we progress forward to 2nd half of the year we continue to advocate responsible parenting. Some students just when they are beginning to perform well, parents cancel their lessons “Inorder to cut cost”. After watching a generation of students graduate and looking at our past 20 years of history we can safely conclude that saving a few cents does not justify gambling with your child’s academic performance.  When the momentum is there and the child’s grades are rising and improving parents should keep the teacher as she is positively improving your child’s grades. Just like in a company no one sacks a manager for managing his department well.

Best regards to all our students, we look forward to adding your results to our wall.


May 2015 Editors’ Note

Dear parents and students,

This is the period right before the exams that makes every parent hold their breath. All the things that has been learnt and done would now be taken into account with the exams round the corner. I fully emphasise with students in Singapore on this account. Throughout the year loads of time and resources would have been spent ensuring that all possible corners have been covered, this is the final push and if this was a race I would like to hold a big white banner with the words, “Finish in 2km”.

The last two kilometres is time when every marathon runner knows that a last final effort is needed just to complete the race. I like to encourage all our student
s by telling them that although the race is about to finish, it is not over. Whatever effort had been spent pushing towards this point would not be in vain only if you do not give up or collapse now. I have absolute faith in any students who remain positive and keeps up His regime.

On our part I have instructed my teachers to prepare to sacrifice their weekends to create special make up classes (MUC) and to remain available to any student who needs extra help. Good luck with exam preparations and best wishes for all students to score excellent results.

Best regards,
Alvin Chia

Alvin Chia is the winner of the successful entrepreneur award. He is the founder of several award winning  tuition and academic centers and continue to work with children with 14 years of experience under his belt. He can be contacted at erdnase666@yahoo.com.sg