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Company Profile

Birth of A.C.T.S

In the beginning, we founded our first company and named her A.C.T.S after recognizing that all goals in life requires ACTionS. Local investor who achieved financial freedom at 26 and Super tutor Laura Oh who has appeared in various tv channels on financial literacy and being voted best tutor in Singapore came together to create a company that not only provided tuition. We realized early that students favorite subjects are taught by teachers who are their favorites. Thus we aim to build a tutor student relationship right from the start. In our quest we sourced and hired only top notch teachers who not only have the paper qualifications but also teachers who can relate to children and win their hearts.

Children are in the process of developing their character. Every child aims to walk and talk like their favorite actor or role model. We aim to be the role models of children.

As time passed we opened more branches: ACTS-Loyang. The center is run by our partners Klaire. The materials and teachers are all endorsed by ACTS and we actively manage the centers by maintaining the highest standards for the teachers and accepting nothing but the best for our students. Teacher Klaire has appeared in various newspaper articles and have contributed to writing educational articles for children in Singapore.

We continue to evolve to serve our students and we aim to make the ACTS group the best in tuition. As we are at full capacity, not every child will or can be accepted as our student. Our selection process truncates troublemakers and students who are disruptive to group lessons. All children requires a short assessment with any of our center bosses before we elect to take them. Parents who send their children to us must cooperate by playing a pro active approach in their parental responsibilities. Parents must understand that parenting responsibilities cannot be taken over by teachers. Only they can make a difference by giving that special parental touch.

As we move ahead, we look forward to our children out performing the majority in Singapore.

We wish all our students that they may always find their dreams. Whichever they may be.

Fly high, fight hard and never surrender your dreams. To do so would be to give up on life itself. For what is life without dreams.

Our Teachers

Super Tutor Laura Oh – A.C.T.S. Simei
I started my teaching career back in 1997 by conducting creative lessons and science camps for a variety educational institution while self-financing my way through my higher education I found teaching a gratifying and highly motivational career especially when students under my charge produced results.

In 2002 I was awarded a prestigious scholarship to an internship program in Australia where I was attached to CSIRO whilst studying in NTU, I pride myself with my extensive knowledge of Triple science subjects based on my major in Biomaterials, polymer, nano technology. I was awarded the most prestigious Mathematics award by outshining my peers in my cohort. I consequently graduated with honors from the Materials Engineering faculty. I have conducted extensive creative lessons with various well known schools and tuition centres namely, St Andrews Primary, St Margaret Primary, ACS Primary, Nan Hua Primary, St Hilda’s Primary, Pei Hua Primary to name a few.

I played an important role in the set up of student care centre and was involved actively with the development and planning of lessons. I also played active roles in the management and implementation of other various educational related projects. Students under my charge have consistently scored As and achieved merit related awards in their respective institutions. I have since been featured in various local newspapers and TV programs.

I continue to believe strongly that education is not just an academic process but a lifelong experience that has to be consistently relished and treasured. I will continue to devote my efforts to ensure that all students under my care continue to receive top notch materials and lessons that I personally engineer to suit individual needs. In A.C.T.S. we continue to hold the belief that no two kids are the same and like snowflakes, as God created all of us uniquely.




2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi,
    I’m staying at Pasir Ris and are keen to find out more about your centre at Pasir Ris the Chinese lessons, structure of the lessons and the teachers’ experience for Pri 3 & 4 (this year).

    Thanks and regards.
    (Hp: 98481723)

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