Hello !! I’m a student here I’m being taught by teacher Laura:) I used to always get a pass or even a fail for my math but once I joined acts my math results improved from a d7 to a A1 🙂 !!

~Josandi Boh

Hi, I’m a parent & my son attends Chinese lessons taught by Laura as well as the teachers at ACTS. My kid is in P4 this year & he has always been struggling to master his Mother Tongue language. His grades have consistently been poor, & passing has become a far-reaching goal.

Even though he only just started lessons this year, I am seeing tremendous improvement in his Chinese ability. He has been scoring 80%+ for his Chinese spelling, & this is a first in 4 years! What surprises me is he seems to be taking an interest in the language & is putting in effort – on his own, without my prompting.

Thank you Laura & teachers for making lessons fun for my son. He looks forward to class, and shares stories that he gets rewarded with yummy cookies. In fact, as an added bonus, he got to bake the cookies too! While my Son is making progress in baby steps, I’m happy to see him show an interest in learning.

~Vivienne Ho

Hi i am Andy a student of teacher laura i find that she is a very experienced teacher and that she likes having fun with her students.When i first came i always thought that the tuition was boring but even though its only been 1 month since i been under her teaching, i find her very alive and always will try to make the tuition fun for us all.

~Andy Lim

My son was one of her students when young. He has a quiet character but Laura relates well to him. I am also regularly updated on my son’s progress and all. Son loves the gatherings organised out of tuition, and I have no worries with Laura as the tutor.

~Joyce Chia P L

My nephew was not doing very well in his first half of PSLE year and he has the tendency to not remember the syallabus and we’re very grateful that we sent him to super tutor laura’s place which allows him to interact while learning. Thank you Laura!

~Tracy Tan

I still remember the bright smile Cher Laura greeted me when I first met her. I’ve never met a teacher so passionate and full of energy. I really take my hat off..I learnt a lot of tricks from her which helped me scored my distinctions in my O and A levels.

Thanks for always pushing me beyond what I can be. Thanks for encouraging me to go after my dreams.

~Melanie Fong

Teacher Laura and her team of teacher has helped me a lot in my studies. Besides teaching and sharing lots of her study tips n tricks, she is very personal and caring. I always look forward to attend her lessons. Thank you Teacher Laura

~Flora Ong

A wonderful and fun-loving centre. My children love the reading session that Teacher Laura carried out during English class and the hands-on experiments in science. It really encourages them to pick up reading and be inquisitive. Appreciate the personal touch the team of teachers from ACTS have for each child. Great job guys!

~Serene Tay

I had an enriching learning experience under tutor Laura when I was having my A level tuition. It was a refreshing experience as I could revise my concepts thoroughly and I learnt useful methods that can help me understand and solve my problems. The teachers were patient, dedicated and friendly and I really appreciated their efforts:)

Ãdena Peh

I always believe only brave souls dare to take up a teaching job as I myself had a short experience as a tutor when I was still a university student. The task of handing young learners is indeed not an easy one and requires so much courage and patience. Laura is one of those few brave souls that persevere in this job and make a great career out of it. The most important attribute of a good tutor is love. To love and selflessly impart one’s knowledge to our future generation. I met Laura once many years ago and she left a great impression on me and my peers. I knew she will become a great teacher one day, because of the attributes I mentioned and the aspirations she carry with her. Today her success is a proof of that. For parents looking for tutors, only look for committed brave souls like Laura, you will never regret the awesome decision you made for your child.

~Xinzhan Zheng