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For all levels and subjects,

Carolina Mountains Personal Use Regular

I’m so glad to find ACTS. Super Tutor Laura is warm and caring. She’s a teacher, friend and guide to my daughter. She has made a difference in my child, building her confidence in her studies. Thank you Laura. ~ Mrs Quek, Melanie P6

1)Panic Booster Workshops      sign-up-icon-29420.jpg


I was panicking when I saw my son’s results dropping drastically from 80s during his P4 to 40s during his P5. My friend highly recommended Teacher Laura and after signing up for 2 months of Panic Booster class, my son’s grade improved to 70s in his next exam. I am glad to see improvement within such a short period of time.

~Mrs Lim, Ethan P5

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Having doubt and fear over upcoming exams? Still unsure about certain subjects? Fear not, with the right guidance and techniques from Super Tutor Laura and team, students will grasp the subject in no time.

2) Tuition                                                                  sign-up-icon-29420.jpg

I used to hate tuition! But I love love love tuition at ACTS. Everyday is a new adventure and teacher Laura always makes learning fun and I love her jokes! She is my favourite teacher!

~ Edeline, P4

Our in house specially customised program, special formulated winning strategies to help your child step by step to achieve their As in their exams.

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3) Fun Fun Exploring!    sign-up-icon-29420.jpg

I have 3 kids and they totally enjoy attending Fun Fun Exploring. Besides learning through hands-on, they get to learn ahead of their syllabus through fun. They love their Fun Fun Fridays-get wet day.

~Mrs Lee, Jolene P3, Josiah P1, Joshua P1

Want to learn a new skill or a new talent during the holidays?? We have various enrichment program for your child to pick up this holiday!

Hands-on food science

Learning science through hands-on food science classes. Come and join us to bake some cell cookies and make icy cold ice-cream, something out of the ordinary!

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Explore the great outdoor.

Get your hands dirty! Build a parachute or a toy car and learn the application of physics.

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My kids enjoyed last year workshop very much. They had a lots of hands-on experiments and gained a lot of knowledge in the answering techniques. They are looking forward to this year workshops.

~ Mr Desmond Ho, father of Elise and Denise, upper Pri of Maha Bodhi School.

I learnt a lot of new skills and technique during the December holiday workshops.I like making the cell cookies that Teacher Laura taught us!

~ Ethan, P6(2017)

Lucas has improved and totally enjoyed the classes at A.C.T.S with Teacher Laura. He especially enjoyed the activities that Teacher Laura has planned for the kids. By encouraging learning through games, A.C.T.S Teacher Laura offers a holistic learning experience for our child.

~ Alice, Lucas P2


1) Panic Booster Workshops

*Prices range from $550 onwards.

2) Tuition

*Prices range from $190 onwards.

3) Fun Fun Exploring

*Prices range from $390 onwards.

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